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Guest Author Day with McKenna Dean

Welcome author McKenna Dean today to the blog. I had some hard hitting questions to ask this author and hope you enjoy the interview and a bit about their release, The Panther's  Lost Princess.

Thanks for stopping by to talk a little about your writing! Let's jump right in. When did you begin writing and why?

I think I’ve been a storyteller my whole life. My family instilled a love in reading in me, and it’s a natural progression from there to telling your own stories. Mostly because you can’t get enough of your favorite characters, so you want to tell more stories about them. Eventually, you create your own characters and worlds. It’s an addictive process.

Do you have a favorite genre? Is it the same genre you prefer to write?

I cycle through my favorite genres when I read: historical romances, mysteries, science fiction, fantasy. I tend not to read much in my own genre because I worry about becoming derivative.

I think it is crucial for writers to be readers, however. I can’t think of any better way to understand the craft of writing than by reading a lot. I can get a sense of what is an appropriate rhythm and balance by reading good novels. That is also one of the pluses of reading in your genre—determining what reader expectations might be. I’m not going to claim I always write to reader expectations, but if you break genre rules, it should be a deliberate choice with specific reasons, and not an accident because you didn’t understand the game.

Do certain themes and ideas tend to capture your writer’s imagination and fascinate you?

Definitely. I write a lot about people who build their own families. I enjoy the process of self-discovery and self-acceptance. I believe in healthy adult relationships, so my characters tend to talk about what’s going on in their lives instead of letting the plot rest on The Great Misunderstanding.

I love romances, but I love action and adventure too—so it’s rare me to write a story that doesn’t include an element of danger or a dose of the supernatural. Give me a heroine on the run and a hero who respects her, and I’m a happy camper.

How do you balance long-term thinking vs. being nimble in today's market?

Whew. That’s a tough one. Every time I think I’ve ‘learned the ropes’ regarding publishing and marketing, something changes and I have to adapt. I don’t think that’s such a bad thing. I’ve known people who couldn’t or wouldn’t change their process, and I think they’ve missed out accordingly on finding their audience and new readers.

My goals are two-fold: write the stories I enjoy as quickly as possible (which unfortunately isn’t all that quick for me) and work with bloggers, reviewers, and marketing gurus to build my audience up over time.

There are days when I feel I spend too much time marketing. That’s when I take a self-imposed hiatus and get some writing done! I tell myself readers are like stray cats. If you feed them, they will come. Stop feeding them, and they will drift away to other feeding stations. I just wish I wrote faster!

How do you find readers in today's market?

That’s a good question! I spend some time on social media (probably too much) but I try to keep my self-promotion to a minimum. I start some conversations, I join in others. I look to see what other people in my genre are doing and I try to emulate them.

Some people think the day of the book review tour is over and it should all be about newsletters now. Others buy ads or participate in big anthologies. I don’t rely on any single tool. I think interacting with your fans/colleagues in a place where you feel comfortable is important. If I know the person involved, I’m ten times more likely to share their announcements when they enter my timelines.

It’s all a give and take.

Do you come up with the hook first, or do you create characters first and then dig through until you find a hook?

I suspect I find the hook first. I love asking ‘what if…?’ questions. Once I have a scenario (“What if you found out you were a princess on your thirtieth birthday?” or “What if you were desperate for a job but you think your new employer is a vampire?”), then the characters come easily to me. The hook drives the characterization needed to tell that story.

In my current WIP, my heroine used to show horses until a bad fall made her leave the sport she loved. Now, years later, she inherits a stable but the inheritance comes with strings attached—naturally. I was fascinated when the original character I had in mind for this role morphed into something else entirely. Instead of being the rather generic female lead I had in mind, now she’s a fangirl who dresses like her favorite comic book character because she draws personal strength from this. But makeup and manicures don’t exactly mesh with manure and mucking stalls. So I’m interested in seeing where this will go.

How do you create your characters?

Most of the time, the story idea molds the characters. Sometimes I have a mental image of what they look like in mind (like a specific actor or model). One of my favorite tropes is Opposites Attract, so whatever one main character is, the secondary lead is usually different in coloring and temperament.

The character building feeds off the initial templates. Sometimes they take unexpected turns (like the example I gave above). That’s the fun of writing!

What's on the top of your TBR pile right now?

I just started Tears of Pearl by Tasha Alexander. I adore her Lady Emily series—not just because she is a phenomenal writer but also because she brings real depth to her characters. Lady Emily is a Victorian heroine facing the problems that the women of that time had to deal with. It’s not glossed over or romanticized, but the romance is a satisfying part of the mystery.

Tell me a little about the characters in The Panther’s Lost Princess.

Oh, I am excited to share with you a little about this first book in my new series, Redclaw Security. The stories are all standalones, based around the members of an elite paranormal agency that investigates and solves shifter issues. There’s everything I love most in stories: romance, danger, and the world building that comes with paranormal tales.

In The Panther’s Lost Princess, Redclaw puts their best agent, panther-shifter Jack Ferris, on the case: find the missing heir to the throne of Coreldon. When he finds Ellie West, a waitress in a hole-in-the-wall diner and a wanna-be singer, he’s gobsmacked to realize she’s his fated mate. She can’t be his mate, she’s the mission.

Ellie isn’t your typical damsel in distress either. She has plans for her life, plans that don’t include giving up everything she’s worked so hard to achieve to run off with some guy claiming she’s a princess in disguise. But there are forces behind the scenes that don’t want a missing heir returned to the kingdom. Thrust into a world she scarcely believed existed, Ellie has to make some tough choices—not only to be with the man she’s falling in love with—but to stay alive. 

Where’s the story set? How much influence did the setting have on the atmosphere/characters/development of the story?

The story is set in small-town North Carolina and the Appalachian mountains. That influenced the characters quite a bit, particularly when Jack takes Ellie to his former clan up in the hills in order to buy them some time and safety.

I found myself imagining that shifters who live in the city, unable to change very often for fear of discovery, might lose connection with their animal forms and not even realize what they were missing. That’s when the idea of a resort geared just to shifters struck me—especially if society was anti-shifter and they had to hide their identities. I liked the idea of an untamed stretch of land where shifters could be free to shift into their animal forms.

If you had to write your memoir in five words, what would you write?

Passionate, self-effacing woman writes stories. (Self-effacing is one word, right?)

How often does your muse distract you from day to day minutiae?

It’s not so much a distraction as a lifesaver, I think. My job can be very stressful at times. Being able to escape into another world, however briefly, is fantastic.

What do readers have to look forward to in the future from you?

There will be more in the Redclaw Security series—each team member or relative will get their own story.

I’m also working on the origin story for Redclaw—how the shifter agency came into being. That will be part of the Bishop and Knight series, named after my principal characters: two humans investigating the slew of paranormal events that sprang up after WW2. A little like the X-Files but set in the 1950s.

I also am working on a lighthearted series called the Shifter Sisters: a band of shifter women who team up to find each other the perfect mate because in the shifter world, if a woman hasn’t chosen a mate by age thirty, her hormones take over and she will mate with the next shifter she comes across.

I also am working on a straightforward contemporary story about a woman who’s left an inheritance with strings attached, and she must work with the co-inheritor or lose everything. Both protagonists have their issue they must overcome to learn to trust anyone—let alone each other.

 A new paranormal romance series! The Panther’s Lost Princess (Redclaw Security Book 1)

Find out why readers are saying they couldn’t put it down and can’t wait for more!

Ellie West has always known there was more to her story than being abandoned at birth. A child of the foster-care system, she didn’t get many breaks, but the one thing she can do is sing. It’s her only ticket out of poverty and obscurity. Nothing else matters, not even the nagging sense that she’s different. She’s headed for great things. She only needs a chance.
Jack Ferris couldn’t agree more. His firm, the elite paranormal agency Redclaw Security, has been hired to find a missing princess and return her to her family. Discovering that Ellie, a waitress in a hole-in-the-wall diner, is both the princess and his fated mate is like being hit with a sledgehammer. Ellie West can’t be his mate. She’s the mission.

The sooner Jack completes this job, the better, only Ellie has no intention of throwing her dreams away for a kingdom she’s never known. With hired assassins on their trail, Ellie might not have a choice. They must do whatever it takes to stay alive.

 On Amazon and KU:

She closed the distance between them with grace and determination. When she stood a mere breath away, she looked up at him from underneath her bangs. At some point when he’d been upstairs, she’d taken out those horrible fake blue contact lenses. Now she gazed at him with eyes that glowed gold in the firelight. With her index finger, she lightly traced down his arm, hesitating as she neared his wound.
“Does it hurt much?” Her voice, velvety-soft, connected with something inside of him and pulled him a step closer.
The words dried up in his mouth, and he had to swallow hard before he could speak. “Ellie.” He wasn’t sure where he was going with that, only that he had to try to make her understand why he couldn’t accept her invitation.
“Jack.” The way she said his name, with such amusement at his futile attempt to resist, battered at his remaining intentions.
“We can’t… I can’t. It would be wrong. I’d be taking advantage of you. Surely you can see that, right?”
“What if I want to be taken advantage of? What if I choose you?”
Her words pulled a groan out of him. “You don’t know what you’re saying.”
“I know what I want. Better than anything I’ve ever known as long as I can remember. I want you, Jack Ferris.”
Take her. Mark her. Make her our own.

Author Bio and Links

McKenna Dean has been an actress, a vet tech, a singer, a teacher, a biologist, and a dog trainer. Finally she realized all these jobs were just a preparation for what she really wanted to be: a writer.
She lives on a small farm in North Carolina with her family, dogs, cats, and various livestock.
She likes putting her characters in hot water to see how strong they are. Like tea bags, only sexier.


Book Spotlight & Giveaway~ In Over Our Heads

Title:  In Over Our Heads
Series: Stories from the Shore
Author: CJane Elliott
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: October 16, 2017
Heat Level: 3 - Some Sex
Pairing: Male/Male
Length: 67,000
Genre: Romance, Second Chances, Vacation

Add to Goodreads


Anthony Vallen is the life of any party. Full of energy and fun, Anthony adores romance and enjoys playing matchmaker for his friends while dancing the night away with a series of Mr. Right Nows. But he’s given up on his own happy ending. A bad breakup years ago made him a secret cynic about love… until he runs into Walter Elkins—the boy who broke his teenaged heart—on a scuba-diving vacation in Key West. Suddenly, Anthony’s reasons for shunning romance no longer hold much water. Being with Walter again forces Anthony to get serious—about himself, his worth, and his heart’s desires. Brilliant and self-contained, scientist Walter Elkins prefers deep thoughts to other people. He’s a good boss and a model citizen, but Walter doesn’t let anyone get close. After a tragedy drove him out of his science career, Walter landed in Key West and became owner of a dive shop and a bar. Things are fine until Anthony Vallen—the only person who ever penetrated his defenses—shows up, and Walter’s calm, controlled life capsizes. He and Anthony have a second chance for love, but Walter must confront the old fears that threaten to torpedo their happiness.


The door burst open, and Sophia sailed in with my morning cappuccino. She was humming under her breath and had that telltale postsex glow about her. I tried not to hate her too much. “What’re you doing in here with me, doll? Don’t you have a sexy dive instructor to entertain?” “She had to leave early.” Sophia handed me the mug. “She’s taking her group out on the ocean dive too, and she had to go to Back Bay to get the boat ready.” I took a restorative sip of cappuccino. “Ahh. Well, I hope you didn’t tire her out too much last night. Or vice versa.” I winked at her, even though I didn’t feel very winky. “Guilty on both our parts, I’m afraid.” Sophia smirked, then perched on the side of my bed. “Can we talk more about what’s going on with you and Walter?” “Going on?” I blinked and buried my nose in the cup. “I mean, I told you guys last night. What more do you need to know?” “Whatever it’ll take to help you and him figure yourselves out, because second chances like this don’t come around often.” “God, not you too. You and Jonny need to start a group for incurable romantics.” She straightened, her dark eyes snapping with intensity. “Caro! You’re the one who talks about destiny. This is your destiny!” I sighed. She was so over the top sometimes. Must be her Italian blood. “Maybe my destiny is to be reminded to never let a guy walk over me the way Walter did.” “I…. Look, Marco has a good point, and I agree with him that Walter needs to apologize. It was awful of him to drop out of sight. You so don’t deserve to be treated that way.” “Right.” I put down my cup, having lost my taste for the cappuccino. “But you two were barely out of high school. So young! People change. It certainly doesn’t seem in character with how he is now.” “Doesn’t it?” “Well, I mean, Walter seems so conscientious and thoughtful. Yes, a little gruff, but not someone who would knowingly hurt you. But maybe… safety seems to be a huge concern to him. And maybe he couldn’t stand that you almost drowned, and he couldn’t face you after that? Did he ever explain it to you?” “No. I begged him to tell me why, and all he would say is ‘I’m not good for you. I don’t want to hurt you anymore.’ I guess the safety thing is the most plausible explanation. Because other than that, it’s bizarre that he would walk away and throw away a great thing. We were….” I paused, hit by an unexpected wave of grief. “Damn it, Soph, we were really good together. Yes, we were young, but we complemented each other so well. Like, I brought him out of his shell, and he calmed me down. And he took me seriously. He listened to me in a way no one but Jonny ever had before.” My eyes betrayed me by welling up. “Oh, Anthony. That’s lovely. I can tell he still does. Take you seriously, I mean. He hasn’t been able to stop staring at you the whole time we’ve been around him. It’s obvious he still cares.” Sophia’s words threw little daggers at my silly heart. Jonathan had said essentially the same thing. If they both thought Walter still cared for me, maybe it was true. And God, if it was true, I was in deep waters. I knew I should stiffen my backbone and armor myself with outrage. But I couldn’t. Still hung up on Walter Elkins? Guilty as charged. Convicted. Lock me up and throw away the key, because I had no hope of rehabilitation. I put my face in my hands for a moment. What a hopeless sentimental fool! Luckily for my humiliation factor, Marco came barging in with a brilliant grin. “All right, darlings! Today’s the day! Scuba diving or bust! Get ready for the adventure of your lives.” He stopped short and peered at me. “You okay?” Pulling myself together, I returned his smile. “Fabulous, doll! Off to the reefs we go to swim with the fishies!”  


Dreamspinner Press | Amazon

Celebrate the release of In Over Our Heads with a special sale: All the Way to Shore is on sale for 99 cents at Amazon through October 24 with that price matched at the Dreamspinner Press store October 16-24

Meet the Author


 After years of hearing characters chatting away in her head, CJane Elliott finally decided to put them on paper and hasn’t looked back since. A psychotherapist by training, CJane enjoys writing sexy, passionate stories that also explore the human psyche. CJane has traveled all over North America for work and her characters are travelers, too, traveling down into their own depths to find what they need to get to the happy ending. CJane is an ardent supporter of LGBTQ equality and is particularly fond of coming out stories. In her spare time, CJane can be found dancing, listening to music, or watching old movies. Her husband and son support her writing habit by staying out of the way when they see her hunched over, staring intensely at her laptop. CJane is the author of the award-winning Serpentine Series, New Adult contemporary novels set at the University of Virginia. Serpentine Walls was a 2014 Rainbow Awards finalist, Aidan’s Journey was a 2015 EPIC Awards finalist, and Sex, Love, and Videogames won first place in the New Adult category in the 2016 Swirl Awards and first place in Contemporary Fiction in the 2017 EPIC eBook Awards.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | eMail | Dreamspinner | Amazon



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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Book Spotlight~ NJ Walters' Eternal Brothers

Eternal Brothers
Dalakis Passion, Book 4
Paranormal Romance (vampire)
Beyond the Page Publishing


When an anonymous late-night tip sends reporter Sophia Daring to the cemetery, she isn’t prepared for what she finds there—a grisly murder scene and the body of a woman completely drained of blood. Sophia’s never been scared off a story before, but this time all the clues point to one disturbing conclusion: this was the work of the mysterious and dangerous Dalakis brothers. And just as unsettling for the fiercely independent Sophia is the irresistible pull of the stranger also working the case, the sensually compelling Zane York.

A ex-cop, Zane has made it his personal mission to prove that the secretive Dalakis family are powerful vampires and ruthless killers. But when his investigation takes him to New Orleans and their latest victim, he begins to suspect that the Dalakis are being framed by an enemy as dark and mysterious as they are. And even as he struggles with his doubts about the family, there’s no doubt about his hungry response to the hauntingly beautiful Sophia. He knows he must make her his own, whatever the cost.

As the smoldering chemistry between Sophia and Zane ignites in a delirious haze of passion, they will find themselves immersed in the Dalakis family secrets and the trail of murder that leads to their door. And as their fears and suspicions war with an unquenchable desire, she and Zane will discover that a secret from the past may pose the deadliest threat yet . . .


“My name is Zane York. I’m a cop.”

So she was right. Sophia leaned her head against the hard surface of the door and cursed softly. She so did not need this right now. Glancing down at her less-than-professional attire, she sighed. “This isn’t a good time.” Maybe he’d go away.

“I won’t stay long. I just have a few questions.”

Nope, he definitely wasn’t going to go away. Knowing that she really had no choice, she undid all the locks and dragged the door open. “I didn’t think you guys had any questions left that you hadn’t . . .” The word “asked” was lost as her mouth dropped open and she stared at the man standing outside her door.

Gorgeous was just too weak a word. Primal, maybe. Dangerous, definitely. Her gaze roved upward. He had to be almost a foot taller than her. Okay, maybe that was a stretch, but not by much. He was just so darn big that he appeared huge. The man was definitely a couple of inches over six feet. His shoulders seemed to fill the entire doorway and stretched the seams of his tight black T-shirt.

His face was a work of art. His cheekbones were high, his jaw was strong, but not quite square. He had full lips that were set in a serious line. His hair was as black as a raven’s wing and looked just as soft. It was cut short, but she wanted to run her fingers through it. His eyes were a surprise. A muddy brown in color, they didn’t seem to suit the rest of his face, but his lashes were black and thick.

There was an animal magnetism that seemed to roll off the man, a barely suppressed need for action that pulsed just below the surface. He sighed, waiting not quite patiently as she perused him. Too bad. He’d have to wait. Speaking was beyond her at this moment.

She caught a whiff of him and almost moaned with pleasure. Damn, he smelled fantastic. She wanted to bury her face in the curve of his neck and just inhale. She’d never had this kind of immediate reaction to any man in her entire life.

At least not to any living, breathing man. The phantom lover in her dreams was a whole other story. He was the only other man she’d ever had this kind of reaction to and he wasn’t real. Pheromones, yeah, that was it. It had to be pure chemistry. If she could bottle whatever this man exuded, she could make a fortune. The urge to tear off her clothes, throw herself onto the floor, and offer herself to this man was almost overwhelming.

 About the Author

N.J. Walters is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who has always been a voracious reader, and now she spends her days writing novels of her own. Vampires, werewolves, dragons, time-travelers, seductive handymen, and next-door neighbors with smoldering good looks—all vie for her attention. It’s a tough life, but someone’s got to live it.
Visit me at:

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Cover Reveal~ Wrath and Ruin

25 bestselling authors. 24 exclusive novels. One epic collection.

Take flight with all new and exclusive stories that are out of this world, including full-length novels from some of today’s most popular names in science fiction and fantasy!

From magnificent dragons, bloodthirsty aliens, and mad genetic engineers to intergalactic wars, magical curses, and fantastical worlds, you’ll find everything you’ve been waiting for in this heart-stopping, limited edition collection.

With over 100 hours of reading, you’ll be able to travel to faraway lands and distant planets. A safe return cannot be guaranteed.

Welcome the WRATH and brave the RUIN when you preorder today!
Featuring stories from…
Audrey Grey & Krystal Wade 
USA Today bestselling author Isaac Hooke 
USA Today bestselling author Nicole Zoltack 
Terry Pratchett Anywhere But Here Finalist Shereen Vedam 
USA Today bestselling author Lydia Sherrer 
Award-Winning author Tara West 
Kelly Hashway 
USA Today bestselling author Cortney Pearson 
D.K. Cassidy 
USA Today bestselling author Ali Winters 
Award-Winning Author JB Michaels 
USA Today bestselling author Pamita Rao 
G.L. Tomas 
Craig A. Price Jr. 
Milly Ly 
Eliza Tilton 
Jonathan Yanez 
A.K. Koonce
Penny BroJacquie
Damian Boyle 
Cate Farren
Caitlyn Mancini 
Rex Jameson
Karen Tomlinson

Pre-order at:
universal amazon link

A Bond of Destiny and Dragons:

When kings and gods fall, a queen will rise.
A Bond of Destiny and Dragons is the prequel to the extraordinary Young Adult fantasy series: THE GODDESS AND THE GUARDIANS by British author Karen Tomlinson.
Since time began and worlds were created, a brutal conflict has raged, pitting darkness against light and god against goddess. But time and betrayal have caught up with the powerful and the immortal, and the game of war is changing…
Dragons, the Guardians of the Gods, have all but eradicated themselves; the powerful goddess of creation is vulnerable, and a single female warrior is planning a betrayal which will transform the course of history.
Prince Lexon Arjuno and Commander Erzion Riddeon are childhood friends. The two powerful fae warriors now fight to survive as their homes and hearts are destroyed. Despite such a bond of friendship, their destinies will take very different paths.
Erzion has had one purpose in life: to protect Lexon. When a blood pledge to his goddess leaves him immortal, guilt becomes his burden to bare as he endures a life of servitude to the tyrannical usurper of the Avalonian throne.
Lexon, forced to flee his home, encounters unimaginable forces within the mysterious, war-torn lands he is compelled to travel. Will he fulfil his promise to his goddess to build a kingdom and an army far from everything he has ever known?
Filled with action, romance and unforgettable characters, A Bond of Destiny and Dragons will transport you into a land of armoured winged warriors, magic wielders and shifters. Readers of high fantasy such as Sarah J Maas and Morgan Rice will fall in love with this stunning new world; one you will not want to leave.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Book Spotlight~ Deacon's Law by RJ Scott/Giveaway

Cover Design: Meredith Russell

Length: 50,000 words approx.

Heroes Series

A Reason To Stay (Book #1) - Amazon US | Amazon UK
Last Marine Standing (Book #2) - Amazon US | Amazon UK


How can you trust the man who tried to kill you?

Undercover cop Deacon Shepherd lost everything trying to maintain his cover - the man he loved and the future he craved. He walked away and never looked back because it was the only way to keep Rafael alive.

The last thing he needs is to be dragged back in that world, but an attempt on Rafael's life is enough to make him risk his heart again.

Rafael 'Rafe' Ramirez wakes up in the hospital, the victim of a hit and run. He’s horrified when the first face he sees is that of the man who betrayed him and left him for dead three years before. Witness protection had stripped Rafe of his family and friends, and now it seems his sacrifice to bring his Uncle to justice was for nothing.

Someone wants Rafe dead, and the only way he can stay alive is to go with the murdering drug dealer who broke his heart. But how can he ever trust Deacon, and how can Deacon protect Rafe without falling in love all over again?


Rafe opened his eyes, attempting to focus on the ceiling above him. He tried to lift his hand, but it felt as if there was lead in his veins, everything heavy and he couldn’t move. They’d told him he was getting better, so what the hell had happened? Had he relapsed? Why was he convinced that they’d taken him somewhere in an ambulance? That he’d leaned against a leather jacket that smelled of sunshine and soap? He blinked until the ceiling finally coalesced into the tiles he was familiar with.

Only there were no tiles.

Instead, the ceiling was a smooth white, and there were no strip lights, just a lampshade in a curious shade of blue. He blinked again. This didn’t make sense.

But when he opened his eyes, nothing had changed. The ceiling was still white, the lampshade blue, and the drapes at the window matched the shade. The drapes. There were drapes at the window. Confusion morphed into panic and he turned his head to the right to get a better feel for where he was and he saw…him.

Sprawled awkwardly in the chair, his head back, long limbs this way and that, clearly too big for the chair, was a specter from a past that wouldn’t leave him alone.


Intense fear sliced into Rafe.

They’d found him, had him strapped to a bed…was it Deacon who’d tracked him down and driven a car at him? He was paralyzed with a fear that made it hard to breathe, and he yanked at his hand, hoping to escape his restraints, only he wasn’t tied down, there was no rope. Instead his hand came up fast and he rolled sideways. Catching himself and coming off the bed, forgetting the fact that his leg was in a cast and toppling sideways, falling with a crash into a cabinet. He flailed but couldn’t stop himself falling, and he knew this was it – this time he was really going to die.

Deacon was up and at his side in an instant, and Rafe wanted to shut his eyes, wanted to block out seeing Deacon’s face again as he died, but he had to watch. He wanted Deacon to see his fear, and maybe that would stop him; maybe he could make Deacon stop and think.

“Shit, Rafe— Craig,” Deacon said, and reached for him, grasping his arms.

Terror became ice inside him, and Rafe stopped fighting; like a deer caught in headlights, he froze.

“What happened?” A second man stood in the doorway, someone Rafe didn’t know – tall, dark and dangerous-looking. Maybe this new arrival could stop Deacon?

“Help me,” Rafe forced out, looking past Deacon, scrambling to stand as the ice melted and he pushed himself to move.

“He woke up, saw me, and fell out of bed,” Deacon said, and the other man came right in. There were two of them, and there was little Rafe could do to get away. There and then, he screwed his eyes shut; nothing was going to save him now.

But there was no pain, no bullet. Instead, the two men helped him to stand, and then he felt the bed at the back of his thighs and they sat him down.

“Are you okay?” Deacon asked. Even with his eyes shut, Rafe recognized his voice. He would never forget the tone of it, or the coldness of the man who’d tried to kill him. He said nothing.

“Open your eyes,” the other man asked.


“Craig? Rafe? My name is Mac. We’re here to help you.”

But fear was choking him and he couldn’t breathe. “No,” he managed between attempts to inhale enough oxygen not to pass out.

“He’s panicking. What the hell did you do, D?”

“Tried to fucking kill him three years ago, remember?”

Author Bio

RJ Scott is the bestselling romance author of over 100 romance books. She writes emotional stories of complicated characters, cowboys, millionaire, princes, and the men and women who get mixed up in their lives. RJ is known for writing books that always end with a happy ever after. She lives just outside London and spends every waking minute she isn't with family either reading or writing.

The last time she had a week’s break from writing she didn't like it one little bit, and she has yet to meet a bottle of wine she couldn’t defeat.

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Blog Post- Venturing Into the Great Unknown

Venturing Into the Great Unknown by Linda Mooney

Sometimes an author wants to stretch her writing wings and try conjuring up a story in a genre she’s never tried before. It’s usually a hit-or-miss proposition, depending upon whether she likes going down that particular rabbit hole, and if the story sells. It’s also a somewhat tricky proposition because she may have to resort to a pseudonym if the new genre is radically different from her current genre of choice.

In most cases, she may have read a few books in that different genre, which is why she considers trying her own hand at a story. But what if the genre she wants to try doesn’t exist? What if it’s a genre that, as far as she knows, no one has tried before? Or, if there are some stories of a similar ilk, they’re so far and few, that it’s difficult to find them?

Then it becomes an experiment. An experiment to see if there are readers out there who’ll embrace her new venture. An experiment to see if her story is well-received or soundly trashed. An experiment that could either end with her never writing that kind of story again, or where she expounds upon it with more books.

This is why my newest release is a paranormal horror romance. Something brand new for me, and one I hope others will enjoy.

Paranormal Horror Romance
Word Count:  11K
$1.99 e / $6.99 p

With the cold weather quickly setting in, Lark is trying to ensure she has what she needs to make it through another bone-chilling winter in the cabin in the woods, but something has decided to pay her a visit. The question is, who? Or better yet, what?
There is a human invading his sanctuary, and he is determined to get rid of her. Humans in the past have left of their own accord, but not without a threat from him. However, this one is proving difficult. But she’ll go. One way or another, he will make her.
The thing is demanding that Lark leave, but she has nowhere to go. No one who cares.  So she's determined to stand her ground.

After all, what does she have to lose, besides her life? 

About the Author

Gail Smith is the pseudonym of Linda Mooney. Although Linda uses her real name for her sci-fi, fantasy, and paranormal romances, she keeps her excursions into terror separate. And she wants her readers to know that when the book says Gail Smith, they're going to get flat-out, unapologetic horror.

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Linda Mooney, aka Gail Smith, loves to write sweet and sensuously erotic romance with a fantasy, paranormal, or science fiction flair. Her technique is often described as being as visual as a motion picture or graphic novel. A wife, mother, and retired Kindergarten teacher, she lives in a small south Texas town near the Gulf coast where she delves into alternate worlds filled with daring exploits, adventure, and intense love.
She has numerous best sellers, including 10 consecutive certified #1s. In 2009, she was named Whiskey Creek Press Torrid's Author of the Year, and her book My Strength, My Power, My Love was named the 2009 WCPT Book of the Year. In 2011, her book Lord of Thunder was named the Epic Ebook "Eppie" Award Winner for Best Erotic Sci-Fi Romance.
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