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Meet Author Judy Griffith Gill

Were you an avid reader as a child? What type of books did you enjoy reading?

I certainly was. I learned to read as a four-year-old and by the time I was ten, had moved way beyond The Bobbsey Twins, Trixi Belden and the Hardy Boys. (I never liked Nancy Drew, though people tried to foist her on me.) I read everything from Marvel Comics to (truth!) The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire, I could find in my parent’s bookshelves.

Tell us a bit about your latest book, and what inspired you to write such a story.

My latest published novel, MOTHER LOVE, an electronic book from Mundania press/Awe-Struck, was a weird kind of reaction to my mother’s death, along with my guilt over not having been there for her or my older daughter during Mother’s last illness. The “mother” in the story is the complete antithesis of what mine was. The daughters of the central character are an amalgam of my daughters, nieces, friends of theirs—indeed, probably every young woman I ever knew well—myself included. Wr…


Angelica Hart and Zi are writers published by Champagne Books.

A: Tie a yelling gibbon around the old folk tree? (She looks at Zi as if forty-six million brain cells instantaneously escaped...wondering where is the hole)
Z: Feghoot! (As if a middle line backer for the Philadelphia Eagles, Zi tackles Mo the Lab)
A: Your owl's named Feg? (The obscurity of Angelica floats amidst the fact that her response was sort of a feghoot. She wants to preen and giggle but wonders what the heck is Zi doing with the dog)
Z: (Straddling the cur, facing its rear, tail slapping face, Zi tries to multi-task) Remember the Fractured Fairytales of Rocky and Bullwinkle? Many of our canard tales are a homage to that style. Parody. False tales. Stories. (He begins to clip his dog's rear toe nails. The dog inadvertently leaves foul air in the direction of Zi's nose. Zi concludes the groomer can clip the nails!)
A: Our new series THE FABLE OF SIN-SIN-CINDERELLA is feghoot filled, ribald…

Meet Author Yvonne Perry

Why did you become a writer? I became a writer because I wanted a change in my life and to try something new. I had five years experience as an administrative assistant but I hated the rigid schedule of the corporate world. I wanted to work from home, so I came up with the idea of starting my own business. Although I had a plan with goals that took me about a year to accomplish before launching into entrepreneurship, I kind of morphed into a writer. I started out offering virtual administrative services as well as writing. The next thing I knew I was doing more writing than admin work, so I began to pursue more writing opportunities.

Was it a dream of yours since you were younger or did the desire to write happen later in your life? I have enjoyed writing all my life. This is a natural fit for my personal interests and career skill set, but I never dreamed of being a writer when I was young. I wrote songs and musical scores when I played keyboards and taught piano for more than 25 ye…

Meet author Lisa Troy

Tell us about your latest book/upcoming releases. Is it part of a series and if so, can we read it as a standalone or do we need to read the others in the series first?

The Art of Losing is the first one in the series “The Art of.” It focuses on a grade-school teacher, Emily Stone, and shows how she deals with the fear of relationships and trusting another man with her heart. Readers will be able to read all books in the series as standalones. I’m currently working on the second book, The Art of Bluffing, whose heroine is Emily’s best friend, Rebecca Grimson, and I hope it will be released within 2010.

What makes a good book to you? Story? Characters? Exotic locations?

I think it’s a combination of everything you mentioned. A story can be compelling but if the characters don’t draw the reader in, the result is an unsatisfying read. And of course, the author’s voice matters a lot, it’s what ties all the components together.

What's your favorite pizza toppings?


What’s the wo…

Check out Michael Buble's "Haven't Met You Yet" Video

I absolutly love Michael Buble and his newest single from his Crazy Love CD is now out and on youtube.

Check it out at

Meet "New To Me" Author: Mychael Black

Spirits of Abaddon: Bad Blood

Mychael Black

Energy hummed through Jesse, and he left the techs to break down his kit. The crowd normally gathered in front of the stage had dispersed, some to the bar, others scattered around the small but popular club. He grinned and caught a bottle of water when the bartender tossed it to him.

"Good show."

Jesse closed his eyes and barely suppressed a shiver. He clutched the cold bottle, hoping it would put out the heat surging through his body. He knew that voice. He heard it every night in his head, every time he wrapped his fingers around his own cock.

"Thanks." He forced himself to turn around and meet an enigmatic grey gaze.

Gabriel Walsh embodied everything Jesse had ever wanted: gorgeous looks, expressive eyes, a body built for sin, and all in all, a decent personality. Only one problem... Gabriel also had fangs. And drank blood. Human blood.

That fa…

What Happens When You Encourage a Weird Little Boy?

Here I am. Another Friday night staring at the computer screen trying to think of something witty or inspiring to say, and once again drawing a blank. After ten minutes of getting nothing accomplished besides petting Cocoa while he groomed himself, I switched over to Microsoft and resumed working on my biographical blurb for my publisher. While drafting that was when it suddenly dawned on me what I should write about.

How did I wind up writing horror novels for a living?

Although I’ve only been writing horror/urban fantasy since 2003, my love for the genre goes back to when I was just a kid. One of my earliest memories from childhood was sneaking out of bed one night and hiding in the family room to watch the late night running of the original King Kong. Of course, being about seven years old at the time, my choice of hiding places was not that brilliant. I hid under a TV tray, figuring if I couldn‘t see my folks then they couldn‘t see me. My sanctuary was quickly discovered, but rath…
By: Angelica Hart and Zi
January 20, 2010

Howdy Rowdy!

We are Angelica Hart and Zi a writing team of contemporary and fantasy romance. The creation of intellectual properties is a personal thing coming from private places, which makes us feel unique in our collaboration. First being two people sharing a common vision, second being gender different, and third, and probably most important, both being stubborn minded. We have been asked how do we make this partnership work. At which we roar with laughter, wondering does it really? Then realizing that, in fact, it does because we are both quirky and have abided by certain rules.

Rule One: Write for the audience.
Rule Two: Have something to say.
Rule Three: Remember rule one!
Rule Four: Never fight to win.
Rule Five: Fight for rule one!

We have been writing a column about some of the idiosyncratic processes we go through daily. And have titled this collection, WRITERS WRITE...WRITI…

Meet Author Laura Tolomei

Around the mind, around the world

Take a tour through Laura Tolomei’s cities and lands where travel battles imagination.

I’m a great believer in imagination. It’s an author’s first and foremost tool if the goal is to hatch great storylines filled with equally outstanding characters. And it goes without saying both have to move inside a particular setting in order for things to work properly and be credible. I mean, describing 30th Century Earth requires a lot of inventiveness, not to mention faith the planet will still be here, but creative thought alone couldn’t do the trick. As authors, we all rely on our personal experience to fill in missing parts or enrich existing realities, particularly if it comes to characters that we draw from modified versions of the people we know. This happens with settings, too, so I guess the more travels, the more places to describe or use to create inexistent worlds, but it’s not necessarily so.

True, many of the places I describe in my books, I’ve ac…

Meet "New to Me" Author Dakota Flint

Seeing You


Love can be found among the pieces of a broken heart.

The night his brother, Simon, was killed in an accident, Dylan took on a double load of guilt. Guilt for walking away unscathed…and for secretly loving Simon’s partner, Wade. Unable to bear the pain, Dylan left the Lazy G ranch to rebuild his life elsewhere.

A year later he reluctantly responds to his sister’s plea to come home, where he finds the Lazy G falling apart. And so is Wade. Wade has stopped caring about the ranch, about everything that should matter most to him.

Though there’s more ranch work than one man can possibly handle, Dylan throws himself into the task. Wondering how he’s going to find the strength to pull Wade out of the fog of grief when his own is still as raw as a fresh wound. Wondering when Wade will finally see that his second chance for happiness is standing right in front of him.

Warning: Contains explicit, emotionally charged m/m sex. Extra box of tissues required. You could use your s…

Adam Lambert on Oprah Tuesday 1/19

Join Adam Lambert as he sits down with Oprah and talks about AI, fame and sings his new single, "Whataya want from me". If you click on here, you can read a sit down Q&A with Adam on Oprah's website.

Check your local listings and watch this wonderful entertainer on TV tomorrow.

Meet Author Julie Grissom

Tell us about your latest release/coming soon. What inspired it?

Heated Dreams is my first book. I love the thought of telepathy, a true meeting of minds along with the uniting of bodies in the act of love. I’ve always had a bent toward science fiction and romance and found combining the two a rewarding experience. I’m working on another novel of erotica, but I never discuss a book before it’s completed—except to say it’s in the works.

Who are your literary heroes and why?

I guess I’d have to say Lazarus Long—all the Long Family—from Robert A. Heinlein’s books are my heroes. When I read Heinlein, which I do often, rereading many of his books each year, I feel as if I’m having a conversation with my dad, who was the wisest person I ever knew.

What would you tell aspiring young writers about the publishing business?

It’s tough to break in. Don’t consider it anything else. And right now, it’s harder than it’s ever been, but don’t give up. Sit down and write a complete book. Avoid the three…

Getting to know Author PA Brown

Q: What are the most challenging and the most rewarding aspects of writing?

I strive to make my cops 'real' like my hero Joseph Wambaugh. At the same time there has to be a compelling story since I'm not writing a non-fiction piece. My proudest moments are when I'm told how gritty and real my settings are.

Q: Please tell us about your latest/upcoming release. Is this part of a series and if so, what is the reading order for it?

The most recent release is L.A. Boneyard, the third book in my L.A. series featuring LAPD homicide detective David Eric Laine. Book 4 is due out in the next couple of months. The reading order for the series is L.A. Heat, L.A. Mischief, L.A. Boneyard and L.A. Bytes. A fifth book is due out later this year, Bermuda Heat and I have an idea in mind for a book 6 which will bring back some of the characters from L.A. Boneyard.

Q: What character (s) in any of your books is most like you?

I'd have to say Johnny Wager, in Memory of Darkness. He'…

A Good Way To Start 2010

I'm still on vaction in New England, and at the moment am enjoying a relaxing (and cold) weekend on the coast of Maine.  But I received some good news this week that I wanted to share. 

Shadowfire Press offered me a contract this week for the next two books in my vampire trilogy -- The Vampire Hunters: Vampyrnomicon (scheduled for publication in August 2010) and The Vampire Hunters: Dominion (scheduled for publication in February 2011).  These two novels will introduce the Master, expand on the vampire mythos, and finally detail the ultimate battle between good and evil. 

Another good omen of the great things to come this year was my visit on Thursday to Salem, Massachusetts, my old stomping ground (I earned a bachelor's degree in history from Salem State College and spent two summers working as a tour guide in the Essex Institute in the 1980s).  Back when I spent time in Salem, the city seemed embarrassed by its association with the witchcraft trials of 1692, except for tho…