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LR Cafe's Official Winner List for Best of 2010 Reader Awards

Here is the complete and official winner list from the LR Cafe's Best of 2010 Reader Awards.

*Note-any winners/runner ups who want a button to sho off can contact Dawn at dawn_roberto@yahoo(dot)com. Honorable Mentions do not get a button.

Best Contemporary Book-2010
Winner: 'This Can't be Love' by Debra St John Runner Up: Keeping Promise Rock by Amy Lane Honorable Mention (no button): Hunting JC by Dominique Eastwick
Best Fantasy Book-2010
Winner: Glimpses by Lynn Flewelling Runner Up: Omarati by DC Juris Honorable Mention (no button): Branded by Clare London
*** Best Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Book-2010
Winner: Micah by Joyee Flynn Runner Up: Witch's Fire by Tabitha Shay Honorable Mention (no button): Motor City Fae by Cindy Spencer Pape
 *** Best Historical Book-2010
Winner: Raeliksen by Renee Vincent Runner Up: Laird of the Mist by Foery MacDonell Honorable Mention (no button): Texas Promise by Celia Yeary
*** Best Thriller/Romantic Suspense/Mystery Book-2010
Winner: Fire and As…

Guest Author Day with Taige Crenshaw

To get us started can you tell us a little about what you are working on or have coming out?
Power of Attraction, book 1 in my Blackstone Haven series releases today.
Indigo Rain, book 1 in my Phoenix Intelligence Agency will be released on March 14, 2011.
I just submitted a few days ago Power of Instinct book 2 in the Blackstone Haven series. Started working on 3rd book in the Blackstone Haven series. And 2nd book in the Phoenix Intelligence Agency.  I’m working on some joint projects.  There are a few surprises I have in store for the series. I’m also self editing some books in my series that I have at various publishers. It is going to be a sizzling and busy year. LOL.

Do you have any guilty pleasures?
Yes I am an avid movie fan. Love all types of movies and make plans to go see them when they are coming out.  What is the hardest scene you have had to write (published or not)? Why? Wow that is hard. Hmm… well when I have to write a scene that makes people cry. I love to bring out all …

Book Review: Protect & Serve: Badge Bunny by Cynthia Sax

I heard so much about Badge Bunny on the loops and blogs that I had to read it, just to see what all the fuss was about. Needless to say, what I found had me hoping there was a sequel coming in the future. Author Cynthia Sax's contribution to the Protect & Serve multi-author series at Changeling Press that had me giggling one minute and the next squirming in my seat.

Now when I saw this cover I was drooling all over the dang keyboard. The cover alone had me eager to see if the story would match it in hotness and I am happy to say it did.

Now onto my review of Badge Bunny (Protect and Serve book) available at Changeling Press.

Officer Drake is human though you can say he also has a few modifications. He’s a genetically enhanced human and oh can’t forget…he is a cop as well. Designed to serve and protect, he gets more than he bargains for when he finds himself knee deep in a mystery with the sexy bunny shifter, Hunny Lapin. She is the one woman who has Drake’s number and before l…

Guest Author Day with Rachel Brimble/Excerpt

Why don't you start with telling us a little about yourself? What genre do you write in and why?
I live in the UK with my husband of thirteen years and our two daughters. We are lucky enough to live between the gorgeous Cotswold countryside and the Georgian City of Bath so we have the best Southwest England can offer! I write across the romance genres, everything from suspense, to contemporary to Victorian historical.
Please tell us about your latest book.  What can we expect from you in the future? Getting It Right This Time is a contemporary romance set in the fictional town of Foxton, England, published by Lyrical Press. Here's the blurb:
She's back, but this time she’s a mother…intent on protecting her young.
Two years after her husband’s death, Kate Marshall returns home seeking security and stability for her three-year-old daughter. But when her path crosses with ‘the one who got away’…her husband’s best friend, she has to fight the desire to be with him for the sake of f…

Guest Author Day with L. K. Below

Almost since the moment I first put my pen to paper, I’ve been challenging myself to try something different, to try something new. I’ve explored different points of view, different methods of storytelling, all in search of something else I haven’t tried yet. It has, in fact, been my secret desire to complete something that no one has written yet.
Along the way, I broke into the regular genres, too. One of which is erotic romance. I currently have two releases out -- His Familiar Touch, a paranormal in the Paramourtal anthology, and Unveiling His Princess, a fairytale-like historical out with Liquid Silver Books. While I was writing these and the others currently under contract, I started to think to myself. What hasn’t been done? And it came to me.
When I first proposed an erotic romance written in verse to my critique partner and good friend, Gina Gordon, she told me to finish one of my many works in progress. When I turned to the other advisor in my life, my boyfriend Travis, he to…

Guest Author Day with T. M. Hunter/Excerpt

Why don't you start with telling us a little about yourself? What genre do you write in and why?
I usually stick with writing science fiction short stories and novels, simply because I like the freedom that comes from creating my own worlds, my own species, all from scratch. Granted, there has to be enough realism so that people don’t toss a story aside, but from that point on, the sky (and beyond) is the limit.
Were you an avid reader as a child? What type of books did you enjoy reading?
I read a lot of books growing up, but I wouldn’t say I was an avid reader. I enjoyed science fiction, but I think the Hardy Boys series (both the original and the “Casefiles”) were my favorites. Character-driven stories were (and are) always big in my book, which likely explains how my own stories turned out the way they have.
Tell us a bit about your latest book, and what inspired you to write such a story.
My latest, Seeker, involves my series character and space pirate Aston West facing off against…

Guest Author Day with Xavier Axelson/Ex

Why don't you start with telling us a little about yourself? What genre do you write in and why? I’m Xavier, some guy who has managed to carve a crazy career in the adult industry that has lasted over 15 years.  I have worked as a female phone sex operator, dungeon master, porn star talent agent, and as the assistant to an infamous Hollywood Madame.  Now I write a sex advice column on, work for a leader in sexual technology as a product educator and write for m/m erotica for Silver Publishing.  It’s a long way from the cornfields in Connecticut…
Were you an avid reader as a child? What type of books did you enjoy reading? I was a voracious reader as a child…I am told I pulled books through the bars on my crib!  I would simply die if I couldn’t read.
Tell us a bit about your latest book, and what inspired you to write such a story. My latest book is called “A Valentine for Evrain” and I was inspired to write it truly because I am reading The Mists of Avalon and LOVE Arthuri…



Ah ha! Bet you are thinking this article is all about coffee or cream or even the juxtaposition of the usual into the unusual.

Z: Huh?
A: Go with it...
Z: Ooookay!

Well, we're actually going to discuss a book's backstory. Think of your novel as coffee and your backstory as cream. You usually add just a bit of cream to your coffee not the other way around, except for Zi, but that's a pot of another kettle.

Z: Huh?
A: Go with it...
Z: Ooookay!

Anywho, many novice writers are so anxious to share their research and development, they bog down the opening with as much information as they can.

Z: By the way don't you drink tea?
A: That's not the point...
Z: But....
A: Do you want to write this?
Z: Thought you'd never ask. (With a hip bump moves Angelica's chair aside until he is settled before the keyboard.)

The backstory is a vital part of plotting. It stimulates the story, and gives the characters motivation. After all, each character has a pas…