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My Personal Review for A Troubled Range by Andrew Grey

I have to admit I am a shameless groupie of this author and his books. From the first book I read of Mr. Grey's (The Best Revenge), I have fallen further and further under his spell with each subsequent release.

A Troubled Range is the sequel to A Shared Range and one that had me crying and smiling through the entire story. I thank god no one was home when I read this because frankly, they would wondered who died from all the tissues I was using up. *grins*

Meet Haven Jessup, the cowboy who lives next door to Dakota and Wally (you met Dakota, Wally and Phillip in the first book) for all his life and for the life of him, can not figure out why his dad hates the Holden's so much. Meeting Phillip Reardon was an unexpected treat after visiting Dakota and Wally. Haven is a man who has hidden his secret desires from everyone due to his father's opinions. With each page the reader is drawn into Phillip and Haven's sweet romance and man do the sparks fly between them. I was afra…



We thought we'd share something a bit different this week. Something that will entertain you in a different way. Hence, this is a gun moll's disarm your gang, take their money, and run dip.

Buy Velveeta Processed Cheese. Big block not little.
Buy premade chili. This could be from anywhere you wish it to be. It could be your own. It could be your grandmother's, it could be from a fast food establishment. Bottom line, have chili.
Buy Salsa. This is key. Spicy is key. Hotter the better is key. But if you are a wimp back off the heat.
Take all things home in an environmentally friendly bag. Place on counter. Fold bag for reuse.
Look at bag and be proud of who you are.
Sing your national anthem. Singing is optional especially if your voice is mal-toned.
Run back to the store and get whatever you …

Guest Author Day with SJ Frost

So let’s get this party started. Please tell us about yourself. What got you interested in being an author? I’ve always had a love for books, and used to tell myself stories even before I knew how to write.  I’d take characters from my favorite books and create all new stories for them in my mind.  As I got older, I started put the pen to the paper and created my own original stories.  So it was really all the authors I read and the worlds they created that got me interested in writing.  But it wasn’t until college when I really took the idea of getting published seriously, and that came about from having written what would eventually be my first novel, CONQUEST.  There was something about the story where I wanted to share it with others and hopefully give readers the same kind of enjoyable experience my favorite authors had given to me.
Can you tell me a bit about your most recent/upcoming release? Sure can!  Back at the end of December, I had a novella released at MLR Press titled FIND…

Contest Announcement from Dedire Knight & Elle Jasper


Goddess fish Blog Tour With Jo Ramsey

So let’s get this party started. Please tell us about yourself. What got you interested in being an author?
Hmm… I love talking about myself, but I don’t know where to begin! LOL. My name is Jo Ramsey, and I’ve been writing since I was five years old. Even before that, I made up stories and told them to my stuffed animals. I knew even then that I someday wanted to see my stories in books like the ones I wrote. During middle school, high school, and college I wrote about twenty book-length manuscripts, all longhand in spiral notebooks that now dwell in the bottom drawer of my filing cabinet.   have a degree in special education, and I taught for several years until I moved to Massachusetts so my two daughters and I could live with my current husband, whom I met in 2008. I stopped teaching then (trouble transferring my certification from one state to another) and now I write mostly full-time and work for my father-in-law part time.
Can you tell me a bit about your most recent/upcoming rele…

My Personal Review for As You Are by Ethan Day

I love Ethan Day and his book. There I said it and there is no twelve step program to get involved in either to cure me of this addiction. Not because I find this author’s books charming, out loud funny and romantic in the least but because I don’t consider myself as having a problem at all.*grins* 

AS YOU ARE has two people finding out they are just right for one another but first they need to confront themselves and their perceptions of what love really is. Is it just like those old Hollywood glamor movies where the hero sweeps the heroine (or hero in this case) off their feet or is it more complex than that?

Julian Hallowell is a man who knows that "THE ONE" will swoop down and give him the full "I Love you, Man" speech and sweep him off his feet. Well he hopes anyways. Julian has been in love with his roommate, Danny, for over a year and though the path to true love is never smooth says it all. Through the course of the story, we find Julian finally seeing that …

Sitting down with author Scarlet Hyacinth

Can you tell me a bit about your most recent release? Guardians 1: The Plot Bunny is a fantasy paranormal menage GLBT. The entire Guardians series rotates around the concept of artistic creation and the essence of love. In The Plot Bunny, the main character, Luc, is an author who struggles with writer’s block – something that only worsens when his lover, Simon, dumps him. He suffers a lot when Simon leaves him, without knowing that Simon suffers as well. But then Dury appears, claiming to be Luc’s plot bunny, and doing his best to bring the two back together. This story is very special to me because Luc is a lot like I would be if I’d been a gay man who smoked Marlboro. I put a lot of my own emotions in words here, moreso than I usually do. For that reason, I think the love story between the three characters ended up beautiful too. And beyond the hot menage, the book carries a message. But I’ll leave that for the readers to discover when they read it. The Plot Bunny will be out today (2…

My Personal Review for Anything For You by Ethan Day

You know you found the perfect author to read when you start smiling within the first five pages of one of their books. Ethan Day is  one of my favorite GBLT authors and nope I am not stalking him *shakes head as I click through his website seeing what else I can read*, I claim to be a very devoted fan. * hides the pink silly string*

Anything For You is his latest release and one I fell off my chair laughing while reading. I can attest my butt and hip don't like Ethan right now but I don't count them too much in the whole "stalking the author" plan. *snickers*

Ethan Day has another winner with Jason Miller finding that staying in the closet is about as hard as falling in love...with your polar opposite in fact. Chad Wellington is out and proud to be a gay man. Falling for Jason was easy.....getting Jason to admit to himself that it was ok to be gay and out was a little bit tougher. The snarky comments from Jason had me giggling, the acceptance from Chad was a delight …

Guest Author Day with Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

Can you tell me a bit about your most recent release?
LOVE TATTOO is a fun, sweet, sexy fast paced book.I got the idea one late night on the highway when I noticed that most of the other traffic consisted of big trucks.I thought that trucking would be a great occupation for a vampire and then little Texas girl Cara Riley got into my head.The combined result became LOVE TATTOO.

For any readers who may not have read any of your books, can you just give us a little sneak peak into world (i.e. the type of genre you write, type of stories you like to write....etc)?
I write romance.The first two novels are both paranormal but I have others upcoming that are romantic suspense, time travel, and contemporary romance.In short fiction, I write a lot of speculative stories, some that have appeared or will later this year in anthologies.
How much of yourself, if any, do you put into your characters?

I put a lot of myself into my characters but they’re all composites so none of them are completely based…

My Personal Review for Crunch Time by Andrew Grey

I love Andrew Grey and I am not afraid to say it. *grins* I guess you can say I am one of his many fans and love the fact he creates some amazing character driven stories that completely captivate the reader from the first page.

Now my review of his latest book in the Gym series, CRUNCH TIME.

George Higgins never anticipates finding a forever love with anyone. He is content to teach his fourth grade students, work out with friends and have quiet nights. When he is asked to help out a soon to be former football player named Darren White, he thinks nothing will happen from it. To his surprise, Darren White is eager for his help and quite sexy to boot. Now in the midst of helping Darren, George is falling for one man who he thinks is out of his league.
Darren White needs help finding his way again in life. After a career ending injury leaves him adrift, he finds himself hoping that the television job is something he can do. With the help of George, Darren finds that he can have a new car…